Proteins are the building blocks of hair. Now, Finesse has a unique, deep penetrating Active Protein Complex for stronger, healthier hair.

Hairstyles have come and gone over the last 30 years. And Finesse® has been there for you, adjusting to the unique needs of your hair every step of the way. Tried and true Finesse has a clean, oil-free, self adjusting formula that gives your hair exactly what it needs. Finesse helps strengthen, enhance and revitalize your hair just where you need a little… or where you need a lot.

Ranked by all consumers as one of their five most popular hair care brands, Finesse is also a favorite amongst Hispanic and Asian users. Finesse offers a complete line of clean, oil-free hair care products that adjust to your life. Because, as the slogan says: “Sometimes you need a little. Sometimes you need a lot.”™

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Finesse Hair Care with Active Proteins
Finesse LypSyl Aqua Net Lice Shield Yardley London Natural White

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