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Aqua Net Professional Hair Spray

Aquanet Professional HairsprayBenefits

Known for its all day hold, Aqua Net, a stylist favorite, continues to provide greater holding power for hairstyles that require superior control. The Aqua Net crystal-clear formula won't flake or build up. Aqua Net gives all-day, long-lasting support for hair to look beautiful all day.


  • Super Hold Fresh Fragrance

  • Super Hold Fresh Unscented

  • Extra Super Hold Fresh Fragrance

  • Extra Super Hold Fresh Unscented

Aqua Net Silver Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

Aquanet Silver Beauty Shampoo & ConditionerBenefits

Gray hair can be dry and wiry, unmanageable and dull, forcing a person to turn to hair color.  But, with the proper care, gray hair can be soft and sleek, naturally reflecting light for an elegant, striking look.

Introducing AquaNet Silver Beauty daily hair care products, specially designed to address the needs of graying hair. The advanced formulas have a unique blend of hydrators to improve manageability and tame fly-away grays, restoring softness to the entire head of hair. An exclusive mix of subtle color enhancers tone down yellowness, turning partial grays into beautiful natural highlights.
The result?  Soft, beautiful hair that celebrates, not covers, its natural beauty.


  • AquaNet Silver Beauty Shampoo
    - Restores softness & manageability without weighing down hair.
    - Cleanses away build up & adds shine for brighter, more beautiful hair.
    - Tones down yellowness with non-color depositing formula.
  • AquaNet Silver Beauty Conditioner
    - Moisturizes to restore softness & manageability without build up.
    - Tames fly away grays for sleeker, more beautiful hair.
    - Tones down yellowness with non-color depositing formula.




Aquanet Professional Hair Spray
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